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Connect with Your Prospects Proactively

Turn anonymous visitors into engaged customers with chat.

Install our chat widget on your web site and answer in real-time without leaving Slack. Setup in five minutes.

Works with Blogspot, Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, Yahoo Small Biz and hundreds of other platforms.

Flexibility and Value

free forever
pay us by telling a friend

For Solos & Bootstrappers Bootstrapped Startups

  • One Active Chat at a Time

    We’re cool about it. It’s a soft limit. But if you have that many leads coming in, you can afford to upgrade, right?

  • Chat Transcripts are Stored for 7 Days

    You have them in Slack, but we keep a copy for awhile.

  • Retrieve Contact Information Later

    All anonymous visitors to your web site are asked for a name and email address before we launch a new conversation.

  • Setup without a Credit Card

    It’s free, after all, but you can toss us a few bucks if you’d like. Call it ”DonationWare” or “Pay what you can”.

per month
1000 chatters

For When That Growth Kicks Off

  • Up to Two Concurrent Chatters at a Time

    You can multitask. It'll be okay.

  • Customize Data Gathered from Visitors

    Perhaps you want to require a phone number, but not an email address? A plethora of options awaits.

  • Geolocation Lookup

    We use the internet address of the site visitor to guess at their locale.

  • Soft Limits

    We're on your side. We're not going to cutoff service when chatter number 1001 turns up. (We'll just contact you and recommend an upgrade.)

  • Chat Transcripts are Stored for 90 Days

    For when that photographic memory fails you.

per month
all you can eat

For When You’re Kind of a Big Deal

  • Unlimited Concurrent Chatters

    It's a good problem to have.

  • Chat Transcripts are Stored for 365 Days

    We’ll even throw in that extra day on leap year.

  • API Access

    In case you want to do some nifty import/export automation magic.

  • All Features Mentioned in the Other Plans

    This is the premium version, after all.

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