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BabbleConnect was a SaaS product to give small business web properties chat tools usually only available to the larger companies.

The basic premise was WWW-to-SMS or WWW-to-Slack. I liked the idea because it was a product we would have used (especially the slack integration) at Merus. With a price point somewhere around $50 a month, I thought it would be an easy lay-up.

I ultimately decided to cancel the project, however, when I realized that some pretty well-funded competitors with mature products offered a freemium model and also intergrated with Slack. It was my belief that SMS was the only differentiator with any staying power, and that would mean an awful lot of selling to solo folks -- a notoriously difficult cohort to penetrate with a reasonable customer acquisition cost. SMS is also no longer helpful once a client grows, and the concept of “growing together” has always been a part of my personal value proposition.


Merus Logo

Merus was founded in 2008 with the mission of improving efficiency and reducing errors and omissions in the American adjudication system.

Our SaaS product, MerusCase, would eventually boast thousands of innovative features providing an all-you-need solution for running small and medium sized law practices (from solos to hundreds of attorneys). Merus was sold in 2019 and is now part of the ASG LegalTech family of products.